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We all know that today's many modern Tvs may not accept RF connection from our old game consoles. Even if they do, RF connection is just a pain in many terms. You have to adjust the signal when you hook up a RF source. Then you get a snowy and wavy video with noisy sound. In order to get real composite video with clean audio, some kind of amplification should be applied to these systems.

The kit sold here is the ultimate solution for Odyssey 2. You will get very satisfying results with applying this mod. 

This mod is currently the best one available for your Odyssey 2 system. I have personally tested several different mods including potentiometer-based ones with different kinds of Tvs and found this to be the most suitable for the system. You have great video and audio with this mod from your Odyssey 2. Video is stable, sharp and doesn't have any bleeding or ghost effect while you have a really clean audio. All other mods I have tested had minor or major shortages. The one offered here passed all the tests without any problems. 

These A/V mod boards are professionally designed, produced, and tested before shipment. You will get the board as wires soldered and heat-shrink wrapped.

Free worldwide shipping on this item. If you need trackable service, it's 3$ more with 1$ more for each additional item...

The Odyssey 2 A/V Mod Kit includes:

  * Odyssey 2 A/V mod board  

  * Necessary wires

  * Wire labelling guide

  * Heat-shrink tube

  * Double-sided tape

  * Panel-mount A/V out jacks

Tools needed:

  * Soldering iron, solder, and solder    

  * X-Acto knife

  * Drill with 1/4” drill bit

  * Needle-nose pliers

  * Adjustable wrench

  * Hot glue gun and hot glue stick


Though this job is a pretty easy task, it requires that you do some soldering of some wires and connections. If you are not skilled with a soldering iron, please have this installed by someone experienced! I cannot be held responsible for any harm you do to yourself or to your Odyssey 2.

Price:   32.40$