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Have you ever had the need for a break while you were playing your favourite Atari 2600 games, the phone rang and you had to leave the game just before your highest score, or mummy told it was time for dinner?  

Don't worry about such and similar circumstances anymore. What we offer now is an Atari 2600 Pause Kit that you can install in your favorite Atari 2600 console! Once installed, you'll be able to pause any 2600 game, allowing you to resume your paused game right where you left it! 

From now on, your game can be paused for hours or days as long as the console gets electricity, of course!

While paused, the Atari 2600 will display some invalid television signal. When you are back to the game, you will get everything going perfectly again. There's not much that can be done about that, unfortunately. The Atari 2600 software was never intended to be paused in its nature! 

You can install the 2600 Pause Kit in a variety of Atari 2600 consoles produced by Atari(Heavy Sixer, 4-switch, Vader, Junior).

These Pause Mod boards are professionally designed, produced, and tested before shipment. You will get the board as wires soldered and heat-shrink wrapped.

Free worldwide shipping on this item. If you need trackable service, it's 3$ more with 1$ more for each additional item...
The Atari 2600 Pause Mod Kit includes:

  * Atari 2600 Pause Mod 
     board (PAL/NTSC)

  * Necessary wires

  * Wire labelling guide

  * Heat-shrink tube

  * Double-sided tape

  * Toggle switch

Tools needed:

  * Soldering iron, solder, and solder    

  * X-Acto knife

  * Drill with rotary grinding bit

  * Needle-nose pliers

  * Philips-head and flat-head 

  * Hot glue gun and hot glue stick


Though this job is a pretty easy task, it requires that you do some soldering of some wires and connections. If you are not skilled with a soldering iron, please have this installed by someone experienced! I cannot be held responsible for any harm you do to yourself or to your Atari 2600.

Price:   32.40$