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Up for sale is a 2in1 Atari 2600 Mod Kit. With this mod applied to your existing Atari 2600 game system, you will be able to pause your games whenever you need to and you will also have a clean composite video with noise-free audio. This is the ultimate solution for our sweet Atari 2600s to match today's needs.

When a game is paused, you will see some invalid signal on the screen. But don't worry; when you're back, everything goes on from where it was paused. There's nothing that can be done about that, unfortunately. The Atari 2600 software was never intended to be paused in its nature!

You will also have the most compatible and easy-to-install A/V mod here. RF source is a mixture of video and audio. So, video interrupts audio; and audio interrupts video. As a result, you have a bad picture with noisy sound. These A/V boards seperate two signals and you get pure video with noise-free audio. You will experience the difference and enjoy old-school gaming!

You can install this mod in a variety of Atari 2600 consoles produced by Atari(Heavy Sixer, 4-switch, Vader, Junior) with no region limitation. All is OK for both NTSC and PAL systems.

These A/V mod boards are professionally designed, produced, and tested before shipment. You will get the board as wires soldered and heat-shrink wrapped.

Free worldwide shipping on this item. If you need trackable service, it's 3$ more with 1$ more for each additional item...
Atari 2600 Pause & A/V Mod Kit includes:
  * Atari 2600 2in1 Pause&A/V Mod 
     circuit board

  * Necessary wires 

  * Heat shrink tubing 

  * Toggle switch 

  * Double-sided tape

  * Panel-mount A/V out jacks

  * Wire labellings

Tools needed:

  * Soldering iron, solder, and solder    

  * X-Acto knife

  * Drill with 1/4” drill bit

  * Needle-nose pliers

  * Philips-head and flat-head      

  * Hot glue gun and hot glue stick


Though this job is a pretty easy task, it requires that you do some soldering of some wires and connections. If you are not skilled with a soldering iron, please have this installed by someone experienced! I cannot be held responsible for any harm you do to yourself or to your Atari 2600.

Price:   43.40$